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  About us

Shandong Zhizheng International Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive economic entity integrating chemical trade, brand operation and commercial services. Now, our company has a number of registered trademarks such as "Zhizheng" and "Haizhuo".

As a licensed distributor of ferric chloride in China, our company plays an important role in the ferric chloride industry. On the basis of deep-cultivation of ferric chloride market, our company also sells other fine chemical products such as hydrogen peroxide (27.5%; 35%; 50%) and m-phenylenediamine, etc. With the requirements of high quality in recent years, our products are being sold in more fields and channels with the continuous rise of annual sale volume. Based on the development of domestic market, we are also making efforts to explore the international market and achieving excellent results by now.

For the further development, our company has been looking for long-term cooperation units in many aspects and has successfully established good relations of cooperation with many large chemical companies in China' we are not only expanding our business scope, but also meeting the different needs of customers. Sticking to the principle of high quality and low price, our company has successfully become a trustworthy company among customers for impeccable service attitude and first-class market management mode.Our company is eager to receive strong support from colleagues at home and abroad in the future development. Our company is willing to cooperate sincerely with domestic and foreign merchants for common development.

"Zhizheng" - our company's brand, for paper products, office stationery, stationery supplies.

"Haizhuo" - our company's brand, for local specialty products.

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